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September 1, 2019

iWellsite is pleased to announce the appointment of Kelly Sikora as our Vice President.  With over 20 years in the international Oil and Gas industry, Kelly has as strong background in developing systems for Automation and Optimization.  He brings extensive experience in Product Development, Manufacturing and Commercialization of new technologies for the Artificial Lift Industry.  


 November 1, 2019

iWellsite has moved our Edmonton location to #1, 9817 - 44 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta.  Our new location is much larger and features expanded office space, a separate lab for equipment testing and warehouse for assembly and storage of units.  Having the larger space, allows iWellsite to continue to grow and improves work efficiency. 


 November 15, 2019

iWellsite is pleased to announce that Steve Grzyb has joined our team as our field Wellsite Automation and Optimization Specialist.  With over 20 years in the oil and gas industry specializing in Automation systems, SCADA, telemetry and secure network design, Steve brings a wealth of experience to our team.


January 8, 2020

Following the launch of the latest commercial version of the iWellOps System, iWellsite is pleased to announce the placement of several units with Caltex Resources Ltd in the Cosine Lake and Druid fields in central western Saskatchewan.  The system will allow both the operations and engineering teams at Caltex to access critical well information such as rod speed, torque, fluid above pump, tubing pressure, casing pressure and flow.  In addition at Cosine Lake we are also simultaneously monitoring injection pressure and rates of Caltex’s polymer injection program.  In the Druid field we are also monitoring power quality and vibration.  Caltex will use the information gathered to minimize well downtime, assess key parameters affecting pump life, and identify operational efficiencies.